Our Mission

In memory of Dr. Lili Zhou, we will soon be launching "Lili's Cookbook," an e-cookbook.

The book contains 42 recipes that fall into four broad categories: soups, vegetables, meat & poultry, and seafood.

Each of the recipes was developed by Lili during the period of her battle with gastric cancer. They uniquely combine the flavorful style of traditional Chinese cooking with considerations for the changed needs of someone living with gastric cancer, thereby providing nutritious yet still flavorful recipes for those living with cancer.


A Healthy Alternative

To provide those living with stomach cancer a Chinese cuisine cooking guide that is both delicious and healthy

Sharing Lili's Passion

To share Lili Zhou’s passion for cooking and eating with the world

Living Well with Cancer

To reaffirm the idea that it’s possible to “live well with cancer”

Gastric Cancer Awareness

To raise awareness of stomach cancer