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Lili's Cookbook

A book dedicated in memory of my mother, Lili Zhou.


Lili's Cookbook

A book dedicated in memory of my mother, Lili Zhou.


Our Mission

In memory of Dr. Lili Zhou, we will soon be launching "Lili's Cookbook," an e-cookbook.

The book contains 42 recipes that fall into four broad categories: soups, vegetables, meat & poultry, and seafood.

Each of the recipes was developed by Lili during the period of her battle with gastric cancer. They uniquely combine the flavorful style of traditional Chinese cooking with considerations for the changed needs of someone living with gastric cancer, thereby providing nutritious yet still flavorful recipes for those living with cancer.


A Healthy Alternative

To provide those living with stomach cancer a Chinese cuisine cooking guide that is both delicious and healthy

Sharing Lili's Passion

To share Lili Zhou’s passion for cooking and eating with the world

Living Well with Cancer

To reaffirm the idea that it’s possible to “live well with cancer”

Gastric Cancer Awareness

To raise awareness of stomach cancer


Why We Did This

To honor an amazing woman

Why We Did This

To honor an amazing woman

My mom was a peerless gastronomic maestro. After she was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2009, she and I started this book as a way to share her extraordinary recipes with the world. A year later, mom passed away... before we could finish the project. 

I couldn't bear to work on it for years thereafter. 

But, my wife Justine forced me to inch it forward, one recipe at a time. It's been an up and down journey since; sometimes sad, sometimes sweet, but always delicious.

We've finally cooked our way through all 44 recipes of Lili's Cookbook. It is a bilingual collection of unique and nutritious Chinese recipes prepared for those living with cancer.

It contains photos, histories, and anecdotes galore.

I hope to be done by the end of 2014 and to donate 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the book to the non-profit org No Stomach for Cancer in mom's memory. 


The Recipes

Forty-two traditional, delicious and nutritious recipes.

The Recipes

Forty-two traditional, delicious and nutritious recipes.


9 recipes

Wonton soup 馄饨汤

Lobster noodle soup 龙虾 面条汤

Duck and tofu knots soup 百叶结鸭汤

Fish soup 鱼汤

Pork rib soup with lotus root soup 排骨藕汤

Pumpkin with mushroom soup  南瓜蘑菇汤

Egg and noodle soup 蛋皮粉丝汤

Fish ball and turnip soup 白萝卜鱼丸汤

Meat ball and cabbage soup 肉圆蔬菜汤




9 recipes 

Scallops and vegetables 新鲜干贝蔬菜

Shrimp with vermicelli 虾米粉

Steamed fish 蒸鱼

Lobster with ginger and scallion 姜葱龙虾

Hong shao fish 红烧鱼

Crab meat & tofu 蟹肉豆腐

Steamed shrimp 蒸虾仁

Squid with celery 芹菜鱿鱼

Shrimp noodles 虾面条

Meat & Poultry

15 recipes

Hong shao squid and pork 红烧墨鱼和肉

Meatball with cabbage 白菜肉丸

Pork with potato and tomato 土豆蕃茄炒

Pork with turnip 萝卜炒肉

Hong shao pork rib and potato 马铃薯红烧排骨

Hong shao rabbit 红烧兔肉

Steamed stuffed tofu 蒸煮油豆腐塞

Tofu with ground pork 肉糜豆腐

Steamed pork chop 蒸汽猪排

Duck with tofu knots 百叶结烤鸭

Egg-wrapped dumplings 蛋饺

Pork and celery with bamboo shoots 芹菜冬笋炒肉丝

Stir-fried cauliflower with pork 花椰菜和肉丝

Celery with ground pork 芹菜和肉丝

Ground pork with string bean 豇豆炒肉末



9 recipes

Green beans with bok choy 豇豆炒白菜

Steamed egg 蒸汽蛋

Stir-fried cashews and celery 腰果芹菜

Bamboo shoots with mushrooms 冬笋烧蘑菇

Green peas with cabbage 大白菜炒青豆 

Stir-fried eggplant 香拌茄子

Celery and egg 芹菜抄蛋

Mushroom and vermicelli 什锦粉丝

Banana butter 酥油香蕉


The Kitchen

The Kitchen

Lili Zhou


A great chemist, passionate musician, aspiring fashion designer, industrious colleague, magnificent cook, kind sister, and dutiful wife. Her ambition led her to fight through the political repression of China’s Cultural Revolution and brought her back to the cosmopolitan university campuses of Shanghai. As the top of her class, she was able to obtain a rare visa to attend graduate school in the United States, where she reunited with her husband and studied for her Master’s degree at the City University of New York during the day while waiting tables on roller skates at night.

Raising a family was the next challenge, and she somehow made even putting twenty meals a week on the kitchen table for me and my dad over the course of twenty years a breeze, which was no small task, given our ravenous hungers and the fact that she was also simultaneously earning her Ph.D. in chemistry while doing cutting edge research at one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Nothing could stop her, as she embarked on a highly successful seventeen-year career, traversing the globe to develop chemical research facilities and techniques in Europe, India and China. All the while, she found the time to publish papers and give lectures at some of the greatest universities in the world as well as manage an entire generation of younger colleagues.

John Z. Fang


A loving son and amateur chef. He cooked through nearly all of Lili's recipes, but burned himself a couple of times in doing so.

Justine Chilvers


An aspiring chef and cooking show aficionado. A lawyer by day and a food critic & photographer by night.